Good Bye Grass

This is a 5000sf turf renovation project we completed back in 2012.  The majority of the plants are California Natives that started as 1 gallon container size.  The bottom image was taken in Spring on 2016 and shows how much growth you can get from a tiny plant in 4 years.

4-Original Stream Bed 5- 6-stream-boulders 7- stream

Spanish with a Modern Twist

Estate in Rancho Santa Fe, CA built by Envision Landscape Studio.  This entry courtyard is a blend of modern concrete squares and a more traditional sand mold brick.  Design by Theresa Clark Landscape Architect.




Point Loma – Mid Century Modern

A tricky grade change from the sidewalk and driveway created a challenge at this Point Loma Mid-Century Modern.  The result was a unique entry that complimented the building remodel.  Hardscape Design by Envision Landscape Studio.

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